lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


In the art, I like the painting’s nature, but I don’t like an especific. For that, I would choose in the art’s world, something important to level’s world. So If I have to choose, I would choose “La Creación of Miguel Angel, in the Capilla Sixtina”. Miguel Angel was sculptor, painter and architect. So Miguel Angel created your creation more sublime considerated for much people. I like very so much La Creación in the Capilla Sixtina because is a painting wonderful! Me too considerated that is the best of Miguel Angel, your dedication, your talent, your technique, the combination of colours, your topic in the painting is very interesting, obviously good aplicated for the chapel. I considerated that Miguel Angel is an artist very completed, very good, for that I like your art, and overcoat La Creacion is a magic art, is about genesis accompanied to prophets, sibyls and young naked, dominated for essential qualities: physical beauty and dinamic energy.
The chapel is decorated for La Creacion, El Juicio Final and La Caída del Hombre. The chapel is in the city of Vaticano, to side of Basilica of San Pedro. I like of the dedication in the art =)

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

World Cup!

Ahhhhhh! the world cup is exciting! I was waiting for it since that Chile classified for the world cup. I am very happy that Chile is in the cup! I enjoy very much your games, I saw totally the qualifier with my father. Of the selection, I like Matias Fernandez! ahhhhh =) I hope that he very good in the World Cup, too I like Cristiano Ronaldo =)


Well, I don’t have favourite websites because I read and review differents pages. An of this pages is facebook, for to found this page in the web is . Facebook is a page that allows the comunication with friends, the best, allows to see to friends distants, that we don’t see for long time. Facebook too allows the Exchange the photos, this is good because we can comment the photos! And so remember the moments of the photography . Too we can to send mesagges with friends, to write in the wall, this is good and important, because is other tool for the comunication and is fast.
Also for some people is entertaining to play the differents games that to give facebook or to play with applications as pet career or we have a baby pet as my friend Dany, she has a pet in facebook.
In facebook too we can to answer test, this are differents types, the all type, since to ask your favourite colour or favourites movies for complete the tests.
Other applications is to ask daily tips, this phrases are entertaining because all is part of the game, is just game.
Well, I think so that visit facebook, once or twice for week, to depending of time I have, maybe more or maybe less.
I like facebook because is a page that to give space for comunication and for to share with friends, I like this, is entertaining to share mesagges with friends. To share messages, photos and comments is the best of facebook. Well, I don’t like to play in facebook, I think so is boring.
The most of my friends we like facebook, but some friends don’t like this page.

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

My favorite holidays!

My great holidays was in the 2008, with my familiy went to La Serena in the region of Coquimbo. We went for ten days, with my parents and my little brother we stayed in a house with ocean view that was beautiful because we enjoyed the sunsets. The rest of my family, uncles and cousins we were in other house to some streets away.
Every morning with my cousins and friends, we went to walk, for the mall, to stadium, the center, the square and too went to Recova and the japanese garden. The japanese garden is beautiful! Is a nice pleace for you enviroment, yours fish, yours trees, yours differents flowers and there a japanese bridge that is nice! I like very so much!
The of to walk for the place, was the time of lunch and then we met in the beach, generally went to Peñuelas and Cuatro Esquinas. We were all the afternoon, we enjoyed the sea and sun, we ate very much! Much ice cream! With my family enjoyed every moment of the our holidays.
In the nights, we went out to the square for to walk in the craft fair or we walked for the other places. Some night we went to beach for to walk. One night walked since the Faro beach until Cuatro Esquinas beach! Were for more to two hours walking! And then we walked until our houses, was is very entertaining.
Other things was to see Nicolas Massu in the near hotel and then to see Fernando Gonzalez, Paul Capdeville and Marat Safin!!! My cousin love him! She was very nervous! Jajaja this year played the Copa Davis in La Serena, but I don’t remember that year, but was when I was in La Serena.
All my travel to La Serena were entertaining and beautiful! With my family : )

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

My feelings in the presentation!

Well, I went with my presentation the day monday, thanks teacher Simon that allowed to change the presentation of past thursday to the monday. So, I had big part of the weekend to learn the presentation. My presentation was about to draw and paint in water colour. I like this! is one of my favorite hobbies. This day, I was a little nervous for the presentation, because for the time of the presentation and were more persons that the last year, this year too we had presentation but was of less time and we were more persons.
Diegooo my friend, help me to change the slides the presentation, so I wasn't worried for this.
In my practise my presentation lasted more the four minutes, but this monday I don't know because I was a little nervous so I spoke very fast in the first part of my presentation, then I spoke more relaxed as time went and I said all of my presentation, this is good.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

I like...

Hi! I am Isabel! Everybody call me Isa… some friends Isabella I like this : ) and the Nany my friend started to call me Isita, nobody tell me like that before, is beautiful this name : ) well my parents tell me Isabelita : )
Well, I am studing geography in the university of Chile, since 2009, now I am in second year of carrer. I like my carrer, I want to be a good and great profesional and to work for the people.
In the university I knew more people, between they, my friends, I love them! I enjoy very so much with they! I laugh to much! Nachoo,Dieguin, Cotesilla, Nany and Fran! are my friends dearest!
Too I enjoy with my friend of my ex school, we enjoy all together, we go almost always in the square of Maipu or in some house, or we see in some place near for us.
Too, I enjoy with my cousins, we go to the cinema, we talk of the life, we enjoy together always in anything. We are as sisters! all the life we are together : ) and we like to go out together.
I like very so much to be with my family, I love them obviously : ) the last year, born my niece Trinidad, she has seven months of life! is very beautiful and I love her : ) I have a photo with her in my blog for post.
Well, that more... I can say that I like pop music, one of my favorite singer is Nelly Furtado, too I like Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams with other singers. Too I like romantic music and some rock's songs. Diego my friend, always sends me new romantic and rock songs.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

I like this photo!

I like this photo!!! Is a very special moment, I don’t remember exactly when we taked this photo, but I do remeber the era, was Winter, after the Winter holidays. This photography was taked in the ‘’pircas’’ in the university, because is very nice place with the trees. The people that appearing in this photo are my friends : ) Nachiito, Dieguito, Nany , Cotesilla and Cris, Cris don’t wanted to apper in the photography! Hid your face back the Dany!
I like so much this photo beacause is a new photo for us, is very nice the effect in White and black, all are appearing smiling I like this! Is a very happy moment! I love them all : )
That day was photography’s day, because this photo was one of much that we taken, since all the angles, with differents effects and in different places of the university. I thank to Cris because is always our photographer , in all the places, overcoat in the field trips.
When I see this photo, makes me laugh remember that Dieguin y Nacho never looked at he camera while! Always looked to side.
This photo I have in my phone with other potos Vip! Ajajaja : )

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

I would to visit... Italy

First, I would like to travel for all my country, Chile, to visit all our chilean north, your magic, brach and histories. Then to visit central valleys and yours special landscapes and to travel for the beautiful chilean south, yours forests and endemic nature.
Then I would like travel to the “Bella Italia” I like this country because it has a climate very similar to Chile, a mediterranean climate. Too for yours beautiful landscapes and nature between regions. Too I would like to visit for your big history, your past with a big empire.
I would like to visit Roma for yours old buildings and architecture as Roman Coliseum. Too to visit the Vatican. Other place to visit is Pompeya "the city sleept" and your volcano Vesubio, is a travel to past. Other city to visit is Venecia… for yours extensives channels inserts in the city, modeling the urban lanscape. I like this design of landscape as houses that have the river in your garden or bridges that connecting streets. Other thing that I like in Venecia is your romantic sense, to walk for this magical streets is a wonderful experience. Too I like italian language I think that is very romantic.
The differences with Chile are your economic development, Italia is a developed country, our languages, we talk spanish, they italian, however both derived of romance languages, among others.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Javy' post favourite movie

One of my favourite(sp) movies is Amelie. I love this movie!!!
This movie talk(wf) about the story of (v) fantastic Word(sp)
to Amelie.
She is a woman who in her chilhood(sp) was very antisocial, and this helped her to develop her imagination. She haven't(wf) boyfriends, she tried one or two time, but the results discouraged her. And instead Amelie had cultivated the like for small pleasures. She feel harmony and happiness when she help the other to fix their lives. In this way she invent all type the strategy, originals and movings ideas for intervene in the existence of different peolple(sp) of her environmet, but they didin't know.
But while all this happens and nobody and nobody (we)examinecare about Amelie, She is forced to and evaluate his(wf) solitary life. This feeling is heighened (?)
specially then to meet Nino, a guy so weird and dreamer like her. He collects the photos that people will discard the photobooths (?). Amelie fells fascination for Nino, but she prefers a casual encounter to a serious one. She tries many times, but without successfully, and she thinks that is an impossible love.
I see this movie many times, i think that have to much imagination and realy, i like love movies! :)


Javiera´s blog is very simple, but with style. The blog has two colors, green and yellow, many photos; she is with your friends and your boyfriend. Javy too speak about part of your life and different anecdotes that happened her, as earthquake. Too she talks about favorites activities and movies. Javy’s blog is very entertaining, she has music "a fine frenzy-almost lover (remix)’’ I didn’t listen this music, but someday I will do for I give my opinion. In my blog I don’t have music and videos so I think a good idea to follow. I like in the Javy’blog that has photos it has more style to blog and she show that enjoy with your friend and boyfriend. I like the Javy’blog because is simple, practical and entertaining, I guess that is as her. The English of Javiera is easy for to understand and this is very good. She has two fans so now I will follow. 

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Activities in my free time.

In my free time, I don't dedicate just to one activity, I divided my time in multiples activities that I like, as watch movies current with my family especially with my eldest brother,and friends when we go to cienema.I listen to the music about movies and translate, well too, I listen music, especially pop and a certain type of rock, some romantics songs, and depend of day I listen romantic music.I like too, paint in watercolor natural landscapes,too just to draw.
I like too, enjoy alone of my space thinking preferably in a natural space,in the square near to my house, in other case in my room.I like go out to walk in certain type of days and some occasions run for my neighborhood. I like to rest while I listen to music, watch television. Before, I am dedicated to participe in art shows as model of diferent clothes depending of topic to show,as "natural show","bohemia" and "indigenous people","kings and archangels" and finery with the christmas feel,among other things.Sometimes I dedicated to cook, my mother teach me, I like prepare desserts, especially sweet desserts. Now, I like play table tennis with my friends in the university, Dieguito teach me everyday.

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Scientists develop sensor to predict freak weather,from flash flooding to landslides.

The scientists again for the idea of climate change,creating a sensor that alert about the bad weather, like floodings in towns that caused death,damage in houses and businesses,this is a case of town Cockermouth,Cumbria. This sensor was developed in 2003 for changes in glaciers.Martínez was the inventor and says that the climate changes is happening.

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

My favourite movie!

My favourite movie is Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse, while the first part and the third part "The Extinction" are very good and have very action,also are the introduction and final part of the movie,until now, the second part is much better because is more similar to the game, appear new characters,the characters of the first part appear enhanced like Alice starring for Milla Jovovich and your friend Matt, he is Nemesis in second part who recuperate the memory in the fight with Alice, it is the moment maximum of the movie, both are with big power physical, because both are biological weapons of Umbrella, the corporation dominant of the world in this time.Alice when wake up of your intervention for Umbrella, she is in a city full of zombies, with a virus mortal "Virus T" in all Raccon City, is a girl with powers extraordinary.In the movie Alice is accompanied for Jill Valentine and Carlos Olvivera, they are S.T.A.R.S members of the Umbrella Corporation, but like all the people were abandoned with the virus and zombies.Other characters died for the zombies in the rescue Angela Ashford, daughter of Doctor Isaacs inventor of the virus,she was trapped in your school.In the end, Umbrella again for Alice, for provide her more power, this time, mental powers.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Earthquake 2010

The night of 27 of february with my family were all in my house, with except my eldest brother that was in a party in the Maipu center, I didn't go because I felt lazy and I wanted to sleep.In the minute of earthquake I was sleeping, my little brother woke up and taked me of my arms,both went of the bedroom, with my dad were under the door while my mom was to the bedroom of my brother, she forgot that my brother went, so she was distressed for him, with my father and brother tried of calm her.During the earthquake I was very quiet, my father always spoke to me about the earthquake of 1985 so I knew what to do and how react.After of thirty minutes, my eldest brother came to home running, worried for us and your daughter, she was with your mother.Then with of step of the hours, we knew what happened for radio.

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My favourite place in Chile

Years ago with my cousins and uncles went to La Serena,we walked for all the city and the beach,then the next vacation we went with my family(my parents and brother) we arrived very early in the morning,we stayed in a house very nice with view to see.Everyday we walked for the beach, enjoyed the sun and see,ate to much ice cream and played tennis and soccer.For the nights we went out with my cousins a walk for the square.Once we went to japanese garden is a beautiful place with much flowers, trees and fish.Too we went the Faro and the Recova, two places characteristic of the zone for yours structure and trade craft, in the case of Faro for your panoramic view and historical sense.Too some mornings we went to mall for to see summer clothes and walk.Generally with my family went to beach Cuatro Esquinas and Peñuelas, two beautiful and turistic beach.Twice we went to beach Totoralillo in Coquimbo, is a very wonderful place for your surf and sand, it has a small port and summer cottages,the days is precious and warms.

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

This is a test!!


This is Blogspot!

Well I didn´t know nothing about blogspot,but today in english class, with the teacher Simon I learnt to create a blog, because we need this page for work in class.Is a diferent way for learn and for the comunication with the classmates and the professor.I hope that this page will be useful.