jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Blog :)

I began to use blog for the English class with the professor Simon and it has been a great activity and experience. I like write in English and if it’s in the blog is better because is a fun way to learn English. I like write in the blog about holidays, friends, music and different activities that I like to do. Too I like to put pictures in each blog that I do, it’s nice.

If I have to choice the blog that I dislike it will be the post about Santiago, it was a little bored, maybe the Santiago city is a little bored jajaja and I dislike to correct the English activities of the other classmates, because I am not the ideal person for to correct English activities and less of the other persons. The English is a little complicated to me.

I like the blogs of Fran because she is good for English, I understand her and the blog her is fun, too the Diego’s blog because always we talk about fun things, like that Maipu is better that Paine jajaja. Too I like the Dany’s blog for her photos and because both have the same level of English and I can understand all and too with the Cristobal’s blog.

I think that the blog is a good method for learn to English, it’s help for the practice of to write in English and is a entertainment way for to learn because the activities are easy.

sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

A piece of art

Hello blogger friends! Today I will talk about a piece of art. Really I like to appreciate the art, I am not a expert person about art, just I like appreciate and if is possible to learn somethings and then to draw or to paint. The paintings that more I like are in watercolour and oil painting.

I haven’t a favorite painting, usually I found for web different paintings, is an habit that I have since the school in the art class. The last paintings that I liked were the image of a bay by Paloma Rojas and the image of a duck in the lake by Carmen Jimenez. Both paintings are in watercolour, I like the detail and gentleness that the watercolour gets on a painting. Other painting that I liked was an image about Chilean field with the range in the background, this is an oil painting by Dario Contreras, is Chilean painter that was born in Chillan. All this paintings I saw recently, on this month.

If I have that choice a piece of art classic that I like, It will be the painting in the Capilla Sixtina by Miguel Angel, is your biggest work, located in the square San Pedro in the Ciudad del Vaticano. He designed the vault of the chapel, where are distinguished the painting of the Creation, the Fall, stories of the Bible and the imposing Final Judgment. This painting I knew since I have memory and I like because is a beautiful work with much dedication and precision, moreover Miguel Angel is a great painter.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Santiago city

Hi friends blogger!

Today I will write about Santiago city. The city of Santiago is the capital of Chile, is located in the Region Metropolitana in the center of country. Too Santiago is the biggest city of the nation for your population, with more of six million of residents.

Well, I born in a hospital of Estacion Central and I lived in this town for two years, later, with my family changed of house to Maipu, where we are living actually. The neighbourhood where I am living is a little far of the center of Santiago, so the travels to center are a little long, this I dislike of the city, because the transport is a little slow in the city, although I accept that I’m living far xD Other thing that I dislike of Santiago is the pollution, owing to the transport system and the different industries

But living in the city has your advantages, like more access to health system, for example more quantity of hospitals and specialist medical. Too, more access to educational system, for example more variety of state universities with prestige. And, for to be a big city, has more advance in all sense.

One of the things that I like of Santiago is in winter later of the rain, I can see the white and snow covered mountains, the air is cleaner and I can see the city with a beautiful sight, overcoat from the hill San Cristobal or hill Santa Lucia. This places I recommend to tourists for to visit, too other place like the Plaza de Armas, Estacion Mapocho, Estacion Central, the Palace of Government La Moneda, the different museums that are very good, between other places, so I recommend comfortable shoes and much water J

The changes I would make in the city it will be to improve transport system, too the environmental conditions and the city has more security.

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

Jessica's blog

Hi blogheads! I talk about my Chinese horoscope sign; I am a metal goat, because I born in the year 1991. This is the best sign of all! Xd

I don’t read with frequency the Chinese horoscope, but I read the zodiacal horoscope where I am Sagittarius.

In general the goat enjoys being alone in their thoughts, this is true to me, I like be alone and think about anything. The Chinese horoscope says that the goat is creative, unorganized and thinkers, I am agree with this descriptions, overcoat with to be unorganized, sometimes I don’t have idea of the things that I must to.

“Metal goats are tough on the outside and fragile inside”; this descriptions is perfect to me, but I don’t like to express that feel, I prefer save me.

As well, I have few friends, because I know people very cynical, in the past, but now I am content with the persons that I knew this year, too in the group I prefer sidelines and not to be the center of attraction.

The Chinese horoscope says, that when goats become unhappy, especially as a result of romance, they quickly become sick, this for me is false, I am happy the most time and I sick few times in the year, I have a very health same says the horoscope.

I am according in the part where speak about the carrer, “power and status aren’t important” and that assume leadership roles when asked directly, but I don’t volunteer in this matter, if it not is necessary, I don’ talk.


lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Chinese Horoscope 2012

Happy New Year my blogger friends! I hope that had enjoyed your new year!!

Today I will speak about Chinese horoscope. In the Chinese horoscope this year 2012 is of the dragon but I am a goat and my star sign is aries. Aries is a fire sign very strong but very sensitive. The goat symbolizes such character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness. The goats feel good alone and with company, enjoy being part of a group, in a small group of friends, because the goat protects your privacy. Their nurturing personality makes goats excellent care-givers. They’re quite and reserved because they spend much time absorbed in their thoughts.
The goats can express themselves artistically, for example, to paint; I like painting, in watercolor or to paint in boxes. Too cooking, I like cook, my mom teach me different food for to cook. And participating in whatever artistic endeavors they enjoy, like in the school when I participated like model in artistic event. These characteristics represent to me.
Goats prefer the couch because there they can relax and explore their minds.

In health the goat is serene, when the goat is happy is very healthy and when the goat is unhappy, especially for love, they quickly become sick, mmmm I don’t know if the last characteristic is true, but when I am happy, I am healthy.

Well, the goat enjoys spending much money in high quality things and clothes, but to me this characteristic is not true, because I spend the necessary money in things and clothes to me.

For my birth date my element is metal, the metal goats enjoy the arts and we are very cultural.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Bon Jovi I wish everyday could be like christmas

My favourite english christmas song...

My Christmas

The Saturday 24 of December I worked all day I didn’t can to help to my mom to cook, like always we done =( When became my house to 9.30 pm approximately, I was to leave to my niece to her house in Macul and later, when became my home I had that to wrap up the present to give my family, because I didn’t have time in the week This night in my house, we ate meat and rice with salads, in family, my father, my mother, my eldest brother and my little brother, while that my nice spent the Christmas with her mother. Later, to 12 o’clock we gave the Christmas hug and we wished merry Christmas! Too, my mom put the baby Jesus in the crib and we opened the presents!
The Sunday 25 of December we spent the Christmas with all my family in my house in Maipu, we wake up early because it was hot the morning, so later to lunch chicken and meat with salads I swam in my waterpool. The last Christmas weekend, I ate very so much, chocolates, candies, Christmas cookies and much food! I drank “cola de mono” and juice =)