lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Bon Jovi I wish everyday could be like christmas

My favourite english christmas song...

My Christmas

The Saturday 24 of December I worked all day I didn’t can to help to my mom to cook, like always we done =( When became my house to 9.30 pm approximately, I was to leave to my niece to her house in Macul and later, when became my home I had that to wrap up the present to give my family, because I didn’t have time in the week This night in my house, we ate meat and rice with salads, in family, my father, my mother, my eldest brother and my little brother, while that my nice spent the Christmas with her mother. Later, to 12 o’clock we gave the Christmas hug and we wished merry Christmas! Too, my mom put the baby Jesus in the crib and we opened the presents!
The Sunday 25 of December we spent the Christmas with all my family in my house in Maipu, we wake up early because it was hot the morning, so later to lunch chicken and meat with salads I swam in my waterpool. The last Christmas weekend, I ate very so much, chocolates, candies, Christmas cookies and much food! I drank “cola de mono” and juice =)

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Favourite Beach

I love the beach, I enjoy the landscape, to see the sea to calm down me and I enjoy it. I have a lot favourites beach, but if I have to choice a beach like my favourite will be Totoralillo, located in Coquimbo to north of Chile. I visited Totoralillo in two opportunities to four and three years ago with my family. I will like to visited more often but it is far from Santiago.

In the summer of those years, with my all family went to La Serena, there we went to Totoralillo taking a bus.

Generally, I enjoy the beach for to walk, I like to walk for the shoreline or for to do sport like run or to play volleyball. If the day is hot, I swim in the sea. That I did in the beach Totoralillo, very early I went to cover the beach for know it and in the afternoon for to see the dusk. The beach is located between coastal hills, for that is very hot this beach, so I swam in the sea all the day, just I went for to lunch, to walk in the afternoon and to bought present in the handmade fair.

Like this beach is very hot, I tan on skin and hurts. But, equally I like very much Totoralillo, because is beautiful, is small, the sea is good for to swim and is not cold, moreover the water is turquoise colour and the sand is the colour clear.

I pretend to go again with my family or my friends someday!

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

An outdoor activity I enjoy doing

I have a lot outdoor activities that enjoy doing, some activities I like enjoy alone and the others with company. I like to read and walk outside, but the activity that I enjoy most is riding a bike. When I had fourteen years old, my father gave me a bike, it’s the same that I use now, because is a very good and big bike. From this time, I enjoy every time that I go to cover where I live. I like riding bike because I can to do sport, that is good for the health, moreover riding a bike help to relax, too riding a bike help to know the neighborhood and the others places that I want and I like very so much to enjoy the environment, overcoat if is natural, for that I go to ride in bike for the park that is nice and it’s near of my house and I like to see the hills that too it’s near of my house, so I take the street that is come near to the expressway for to see the hills.
Sometimes I riding bike alone and in other occasions I go with my father or my brother, they run to my side.
I riding bike every time I can, for to relax, I like to go after the seven because the afternoon is more fresh.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

My song from the past

Well, I have a lot songs that I like, if I will have to decide for one from my past it will be “I don’t want to miss a thing” of album Armageddon, of Aerosmith, this is American band, prominent in the 80’ and 90’, whose vocalist is Steven Tiller. This song was produced for the movie Armageddon in 1998 and it was successful. To my mom like very much this movie and your song “I don’t want to miss a thing”, when I saw this movie I love it, and this song is fantastic, completely to agree to the movie.
This song is sweet, your letter is beautiful, your music is very good, I like this song very so much. Every time that my mom listens “I don’t want to miss a thing” always sings, because she feels this song and to her likes. Years ago with my mom translated this song to Spanish and there we in loved this song and there I like Aerosmith band.
I like the romantics songs, not all, to depend to band or singer and the language. I like the English in the music, overcoat is it’s rock, for that I like song, it has everything!

Enjoy the video!

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

One to one with my grandfather

I like very much to have a one to one with my grandfather, the dad of my mother, I don’t know to him, he died in may of 1988, when he had forty nine years old. It’s complicated for my mum, she was very young when he died and still she miss him so much. My eldest brother knew to my grandfather and he remember something when my family lived with my grandparents. Obviously I don’t have any remember about he, just I know of he with photograph and for my mother that tells histories about him and I will like to ask: Are you happy with your family? Are you pride and happy with your children and grandchildren? What will you like in this time? Are you like your job in Mercado Central? Where will you like to live, in Santiago or La Estrella? Are you like football and will you like to see games with us?
I would have liked to know him, if he live I will be your first granddaughter.
My other grandfather I knew a little, I had six years old when he died for a heart failure. I remember him and I miss he so much. I will like to talk with him again.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

A memorable and fantastic journey

To travel is one of the things that more I like, I will can doing all the year but I can’t. For that I use and enjoy the summer because I can travel. My best journey was in February of 2008, from Santiago we went to La Serena, region of Coquimbo in the north of Chile. I went with my family, a Friday my dad says “ I bought passages to La Serena, tomorrow we go!” and this Saturday we went to north and we found with the rest of my family. We traveled for six hours approximate until to arrive and we stayed for two weeks. The house was big and pretty, I saw the sea and dusk from my window, I loved it!
Every morning with my cousins went to walk for the place and the center of the city or sometimes we went to mall for to buy clothes for the beach. One night everybody went to beach for to see El Faro, is very popular in the city and the region, later we walked for the beach for more of three hours because it didn’t has exit until the beach Cuatro Esquinas, we arrived to house in the dawn and very tired , but I enjoyed very much.
One night with my cousins went a concert of music, we enjoyed very very much, we danced with Calle 13, Chancho en Piedra and the other groups, it was very funny!
I love the beach specially if I am with my family and friends.