lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

One to one with my grandfather

I like very much to have a one to one with my grandfather, the dad of my mother, I don’t know to him, he died in may of 1988, when he had forty nine years old. It’s complicated for my mum, she was very young when he died and still she miss him so much. My eldest brother knew to my grandfather and he remember something when my family lived with my grandparents. Obviously I don’t have any remember about he, just I know of he with photograph and for my mother that tells histories about him and I will like to ask: Are you happy with your family? Are you pride and happy with your children and grandchildren? What will you like in this time? Are you like your job in Mercado Central? Where will you like to live, in Santiago or La Estrella? Are you like football and will you like to see games with us?
I would have liked to know him, if he live I will be your first granddaughter.
My other grandfather I knew a little, I had six years old when he died for a heart failure. I remember him and I miss he so much. I will like to talk with him again.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

A memorable and fantastic journey

To travel is one of the things that more I like, I will can doing all the year but I can’t. For that I use and enjoy the summer because I can travel. My best journey was in February of 2008, from Santiago we went to La Serena, region of Coquimbo in the north of Chile. I went with my family, a Friday my dad says “ I bought passages to La Serena, tomorrow we go!” and this Saturday we went to north and we found with the rest of my family. We traveled for six hours approximate until to arrive and we stayed for two weeks. The house was big and pretty, I saw the sea and dusk from my window, I loved it!
Every morning with my cousins went to walk for the place and the center of the city or sometimes we went to mall for to buy clothes for the beach. One night everybody went to beach for to see El Faro, is very popular in the city and the region, later we walked for the beach for more of three hours because it didn’t has exit until the beach Cuatro Esquinas, we arrived to house in the dawn and very tired , but I enjoyed very much.
One night with my cousins went a concert of music, we enjoyed very very much, we danced with Calle 13, Chancho en Piedra and the other groups, it was very funny!
I love the beach specially if I am with my family and friends.