lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


In the art, I like the painting’s nature, but I don’t like an especific. For that, I would choose in the art’s world, something important to level’s world. So If I have to choose, I would choose “La Creación of Miguel Angel, in the Capilla Sixtina”. Miguel Angel was sculptor, painter and architect. So Miguel Angel created your creation more sublime considerated for much people. I like very so much La Creación in the Capilla Sixtina because is a painting wonderful! Me too considerated that is the best of Miguel Angel, your dedication, your talent, your technique, the combination of colours, your topic in the painting is very interesting, obviously good aplicated for the chapel. I considerated that Miguel Angel is an artist very completed, very good, for that I like your art, and overcoat La Creacion is a magic art, is about genesis accompanied to prophets, sibyls and young naked, dominated for essential qualities: physical beauty and dinamic energy.
The chapel is decorated for La Creacion, El Juicio Final and La Caída del Hombre. The chapel is in the city of Vaticano, to side of Basilica of San Pedro. I like of the dedication in the art =)

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

World Cup!

Ahhhhhh! the world cup is exciting! I was waiting for it since that Chile classified for the world cup. I am very happy that Chile is in the cup! I enjoy very much your games, I saw totally the qualifier with my father. Of the selection, I like Matias Fernandez! ahhhhh =) I hope that he very good in the World Cup, too I like Cristiano Ronaldo =)


Well, I don’t have favourite websites because I read and review differents pages. An of this pages is facebook, for to found this page in the web is . Facebook is a page that allows the comunication with friends, the best, allows to see to friends distants, that we don’t see for long time. Facebook too allows the Exchange the photos, this is good because we can comment the photos! And so remember the moments of the photography . Too we can to send mesagges with friends, to write in the wall, this is good and important, because is other tool for the comunication and is fast.
Also for some people is entertaining to play the differents games that to give facebook or to play with applications as pet career or we have a baby pet as my friend Dany, she has a pet in facebook.
In facebook too we can to answer test, this are differents types, the all type, since to ask your favourite colour or favourites movies for complete the tests.
Other applications is to ask daily tips, this phrases are entertaining because all is part of the game, is just game.
Well, I think so that visit facebook, once or twice for week, to depending of time I have, maybe more or maybe less.
I like facebook because is a page that to give space for comunication and for to share with friends, I like this, is entertaining to share mesagges with friends. To share messages, photos and comments is the best of facebook. Well, I don’t like to play in facebook, I think so is boring.
The most of my friends we like facebook, but some friends don’t like this page.