lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Activities in my free time.

In my free time, I don't dedicate just to one activity, I divided my time in multiples activities that I like, as watch movies current with my family especially with my eldest brother,and friends when we go to cienema.I listen to the music about movies and translate, well too, I listen music, especially pop and a certain type of rock, some romantics songs, and depend of day I listen romantic music.I like too, paint in watercolor natural landscapes,too just to draw.
I like too, enjoy alone of my space thinking preferably in a natural space,in the square near to my house, in other case in my room.I like go out to walk in certain type of days and some occasions run for my neighborhood. I like to rest while I listen to music, watch television. Before, I am dedicated to participe in art shows as model of diferent clothes depending of topic to show,as "natural show","bohemia" and "indigenous people","kings and archangels" and finery with the christmas feel,among other things.Sometimes I dedicated to cook, my mother teach me, I like prepare desserts, especially sweet desserts. Now, I like play table tennis with my friends in the university, Dieguito teach me everyday.

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Scientists develop sensor to predict freak weather,from flash flooding to landslides.

The scientists again for the idea of climate change,creating a sensor that alert about the bad weather, like floodings in towns that caused death,damage in houses and businesses,this is a case of town Cockermouth,Cumbria. This sensor was developed in 2003 for changes in glaciers.Martínez was the inventor and says that the climate changes is happening.

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

My favourite movie!

My favourite movie is Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse, while the first part and the third part "The Extinction" are very good and have very action,also are the introduction and final part of the movie,until now, the second part is much better because is more similar to the game, appear new characters,the characters of the first part appear enhanced like Alice starring for Milla Jovovich and your friend Matt, he is Nemesis in second part who recuperate the memory in the fight with Alice, it is the moment maximum of the movie, both are with big power physical, because both are biological weapons of Umbrella, the corporation dominant of the world in this time.Alice when wake up of your intervention for Umbrella, she is in a city full of zombies, with a virus mortal "Virus T" in all Raccon City, is a girl with powers extraordinary.In the movie Alice is accompanied for Jill Valentine and Carlos Olvivera, they are S.T.A.R.S members of the Umbrella Corporation, but like all the people were abandoned with the virus and zombies.Other characters died for the zombies in the rescue Angela Ashford, daughter of Doctor Isaacs inventor of the virus,she was trapped in your school.In the end, Umbrella again for Alice, for provide her more power, this time, mental powers.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Earthquake 2010

The night of 27 of february with my family were all in my house, with except my eldest brother that was in a party in the Maipu center, I didn't go because I felt lazy and I wanted to sleep.In the minute of earthquake I was sleeping, my little brother woke up and taked me of my arms,both went of the bedroom, with my dad were under the door while my mom was to the bedroom of my brother, she forgot that my brother went, so she was distressed for him, with my father and brother tried of calm her.During the earthquake I was very quiet, my father always spoke to me about the earthquake of 1985 so I knew what to do and how react.After of thirty minutes, my eldest brother came to home running, worried for us and your daughter, she was with your mother.Then with of step of the hours, we knew what happened for radio.

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My favourite place in Chile

Years ago with my cousins and uncles went to La Serena,we walked for all the city and the beach,then the next vacation we went with my family(my parents and brother) we arrived very early in the morning,we stayed in a house very nice with view to see.Everyday we walked for the beach, enjoyed the sun and see,ate to much ice cream and played tennis and soccer.For the nights we went out with my cousins a walk for the square.Once we went to japanese garden is a beautiful place with much flowers, trees and fish.Too we went the Faro and the Recova, two places characteristic of the zone for yours structure and trade craft, in the case of Faro for your panoramic view and historical sense.Too some mornings we went to mall for to see summer clothes and walk.Generally with my family went to beach Cuatro Esquinas and Peñuelas, two beautiful and turistic beach.Twice we went to beach Totoralillo in Coquimbo, is a very wonderful place for your surf and sand, it has a small port and summer cottages,the days is precious and warms.