lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Santiago city

Hi friends blogger!

Today I will write about Santiago city. The city of Santiago is the capital of Chile, is located in the Region Metropolitana in the center of country. Too Santiago is the biggest city of the nation for your population, with more of six million of residents.

Well, I born in a hospital of Estacion Central and I lived in this town for two years, later, with my family changed of house to Maipu, where we are living actually. The neighbourhood where I am living is a little far of the center of Santiago, so the travels to center are a little long, this I dislike of the city, because the transport is a little slow in the city, although I accept that I’m living far xD Other thing that I dislike of Santiago is the pollution, owing to the transport system and the different industries

But living in the city has your advantages, like more access to health system, for example more quantity of hospitals and specialist medical. Too, more access to educational system, for example more variety of state universities with prestige. And, for to be a big city, has more advance in all sense.

One of the things that I like of Santiago is in winter later of the rain, I can see the white and snow covered mountains, the air is cleaner and I can see the city with a beautiful sight, overcoat from the hill San Cristobal or hill Santa Lucia. This places I recommend to tourists for to visit, too other place like the Plaza de Armas, Estacion Mapocho, Estacion Central, the Palace of Government La Moneda, the different museums that are very good, between other places, so I recommend comfortable shoes and much water J

The changes I would make in the city it will be to improve transport system, too the environmental conditions and the city has more security.

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