jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Blog :)

I began to use blog for the English class with the professor Simon and it has been a great activity and experience. I like write in English and if it’s in the blog is better because is a fun way to learn English. I like write in the blog about holidays, friends, music and different activities that I like to do. Too I like to put pictures in each blog that I do, it’s nice.

If I have to choice the blog that I dislike it will be the post about Santiago, it was a little bored, maybe the Santiago city is a little bored jajaja and I dislike to correct the English activities of the other classmates, because I am not the ideal person for to correct English activities and less of the other persons. The English is a little complicated to me.

I like the blogs of Fran because she is good for English, I understand her and the blog her is fun, too the Diego’s blog because always we talk about fun things, like that Maipu is better that Paine jajaja. Too I like the Dany’s blog for her photos and because both have the same level of English and I can understand all and too with the Cristobal’s blog.

I think that the blog is a good method for learn to English, it’s help for the practice of to write in English and is a entertainment way for to learn because the activities are easy.

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