jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

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Hi blogheads! I talk about my Chinese horoscope sign; I am a metal goat, because I born in the year 1991. This is the best sign of all! Xd

I don’t read with frequency the Chinese horoscope, but I read the zodiacal horoscope where I am Sagittarius.

In general the goat enjoys being alone in their thoughts, this is true to me, I like be alone and think about anything. The Chinese horoscope says that the goat is creative, unorganized and thinkers, I am agree with this descriptions, overcoat with to be unorganized, sometimes I don’t have idea of the things that I must to.

“Metal goats are tough on the outside and fragile inside”; this descriptions is perfect to me, but I don’t like to express that feel, I prefer save me.

As well, I have few friends, because I know people very cynical, in the past, but now I am content with the persons that I knew this year, too in the group I prefer sidelines and not to be the center of attraction.

The Chinese horoscope says, that when goats become unhappy, especially as a result of romance, they quickly become sick, this for me is false, I am happy the most time and I sick few times in the year, I have a very health same says the horoscope.

I am according in the part where speak about the carrer, “power and status aren’t important” and that assume leadership roles when asked directly, but I don’t volunteer in this matter, if it not is necessary, I don’ talk.


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